Below are a few comments from respected galleries, collaborators, peers and critics which LUAP has worked with.

"Paul! We knew your work was absolutely perfect for Moxy but who could have imagined the live version would be such a huge hit. Thank you and the team for your partnership!"

Diana Pavlov, Director of Entertainment Marketing - Marriott - Global


"Robinson is an amazing storyteller. The strength of his work comes from his talent for capturing a moment, combined with highly detailed landscapes and the iconic imagery of the Pink Bear."

Andipa Gallery - London UK


“Paul Robinson makes painting of trees and landscapes and mixes them up with the decorative patterns of wallpaper. The complexity of Robinson’s imagery and overlaying of pattern has been informed by the work of Robert Rauschenberg. Robinson paints a world, which joins Christopher Wool’s fabric paintings with a 1970’s Peter Phillips pop landscape. These images are reminiscence of dream sequences from 1960’s films; a drug trip depicted in solarisation photography where the image recorded is wholly or partially reversed in tone.”

Martin Maloney, Fine Artist - London UK


"Paul Robinson's multi layered compositions fuse strong and stripped elements of our contemporary world with traditional Middle Eastern influences, thus creating an original pictural language that is aesthetically seductive and that titillates the imagination."

Stefanie Bergot, Co-Founder & Director - arTbridge - London UK


"We were delighted that Paul Robinson from the UK was a Selected Artist in the creative invite we ran with Cara Delevingne and Kids of Dada. We loved his description '‘The Pink Bear has transformed a distant childhood memory of mine, by removing the bear from the context of a family portrait - which remained for years in my mother’s bedroom draw - and placing it into surroundings similar to that of a real bear'. Huge congratulations to Paul."

Talent House - Global


“Paul Robinson is a very creative and extremely talented artist. His way of combining various techniques to create an artwork and his multidimensional imaginativeness are extraordinary and awe-inspiring. His motive “The Pink Bear” cast a spell on me which I couldn’t shake off. This first impression led to a wonderful cooperation; an experience I wouldn’t miss. Working with him was straightforward and we didn’t need many words. He had an incredibly quick grasp of what I wanted, what suits me best and what fits my boutique. He implemented my bespoke mural perfectly. Watching his creative process was breathtaking. His art gains new admirers daily.”

Evelyn Engel - Skog 42 - Karlsruhe Germany