The Pink Bear

‘The Pink Bear’ has transformed a distant childhood memory of mine, by removing the bear from the context of a family portrait -  which remained for years in my mother’s bedroom draw -  and placing it into surroundings similar to that of a real bear.

In the forest the bear is no longer a mascot for a theme park or TV show but becomes a mystical figure of a fantasy make believe world. The Pink Bear is not a man in a costume, it is an alter ego. The partially costume dressed figure is the transformation between reality and make believe, innocence and corruption. The pink bear has a whimsical sense of playfulness through its association with childhood memories, yet remains firmly attached to adulthood through the tainted surfaces that surround the character in the abstract spaces of the paintings. 

Good Vibrations - Mural - Notting Hill
Rainbow Bright
Naughty Step
Mobile Lobster Telephone
Surface Deep
Home Is A Feeling - Platinum Edition of 10
I ♥ Day Dreaming - Mural at Home House, London
The Grass Isn't Always Greener
Solar Rise
Rarer Than A Unicorn
I'm On My Way
Pink Bear at the Moxy
Pink Bear - Louise Thompson - Sketch Mayfair
Where My Reality Ends & Yours Begins - Louise Thompson
With You, I Am No Longer Alone - Hamptons
Love Is Not Measured In Time. It's An Intensity, Like A Colour.
Pink Bear London
The Journey - Unique Series of 30 + 3 APs
She Lay In The Forest
A female model is posed as a doll. She has had her make up done using mac make up. She is posing with paul robinson Pink Bear.
The Apple Tree - Pink Bear mixed media painting by Paul Robinson fine artist
Pink Bear - New York - Acyrlic & Paper collage on Bockingford 300 gsm paper
Victoria Tansey poses with the Pink Bear dressed in rubber
Pink Bear Fine Art Painting - Me & My Shadow
Swinging pink bear - Martina Velika poses in the fine art photograph as the pink bear.
Recollection Of Innocence - Large painted Mural at Skog 42 in Germany. The mural merges fine art, photography, and street art.
Paul Robinson's Pink Bear Limited edition Screen Print featuring a skeleteton - Luap Studios - The work was selected by Cara Delevingne for #art4animals
Domina - Pink Bear with dominatrix