Style Magazine - Corriere Della Sera

Cover Story in Style Magazine - Corriere Della Sera - Italy

Cover Story in Style Magazine - Corriere Della Sera - Italy

Unheard of, admirable, incomparable, phenomenal, unsurpassed. Or perhaps, much better, simply tell the extraordinary. The British artist LUAP, in the company of his pink teddy bear who plays the role of the muse, is on the December cover of Style Magazine to invite you to grasp the sense of the Extraordinary at the end of a year, 2021, which is ordinary it had very little because it was more full of exceptions than of rules.

«We close the year with the most extraordinary thing that can be described and seen all concentrated in this issue. Extraordinary in the sense of out of the ordinary, extraneous to ordinary thinking, to everyday life, to routine "writes the director Alessandro Calascibetta in his editorial entitled Feeling better, that feeling better which is a feeling and a state of mind that comes when you free yourself from the contingencies of everyday life and looks at reality with a disenchanted gaze that offers every possibility gathered.

And so it is Paul Robinson, known precisely by the name of Luap, who in the interview with Pier Andrea Canei tells of a path of personal redemption that starts from the fight against depression and reaches artistic expression through the invention of a plush muse: it is a teddy bear made from a family photo with him as a child, long before vodka and loneliness pushed him towards uncontrollable drifts.

For Luap, it was art that worked as a catharsis and allowed liberation through the extraordinary intervention of the imagination. How is the imagination that prompted Alessandro Brunelli to open @Itisartime, an account on Instagram in which the extraordinary vision of art takes advantage of the potential of social media to " make art, creativity and beauty accessible to anyone " as stated in the report signed by Fiorenza Bariatti.

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